Agiva Beard & Moustache Set


Agiva brand started 40 years ago and is a leader in the production and distribution of barber grade hair products. Our goal is quite simple, to provide exceptional commercial hair products at reasonable and affordable prices. Throughout the years we have kept prices competitive without ever jeopardizing quality.
The brand is trusted and used throughout the world by barbers. Through their use and input we are continuously making changes and adding new products to our brand.

Beard & Mustache Shampoo: Nourishes and keeps the beautiful hydrated.
With its special formula containing Pro Nutrium, it helps the beard to obtain a healthy and dense appearance.
Beard & Mustache Care Oil: Nourishes and strengthens with its special formula with Pro Nutrium that helps to gain volume and make it look more alive.
Beard & Mustache Styling Wax: Helps to give the beard the necessary shape, with its special formula with Pro Nutrium that strengthens the roots of the beautiful.



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